Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Not my father's songstress

I saw this picture over at Rachel Lucas' site. My dad always loved the way she sang. I even liked a few of them. He'd get this great look on his face, as if the music made him happy. But I gotta tell you, if that lady walked into a Waffle House dressed like that we'd all think the same thing:

Trailer Trash!

Girl, pull those sleeves up and put a bra on! Ewwww! What is she, 70? And it doesn't help that she's a barking moonbat, either. She and Susan Sarandon have bitterly disappointed me.

I've now gotten "old enough" that young men sometimes refer to me as Miss {Holder}, instead of just my first name, which is depressing as all get-out (Whatever the hell a get-out is. Does anyone know?). Especially when it's a really great looking guy and they see you as a Matriarch instead of a Babe. I know it's a Southern Thing, but damn.. I wonder how Babs feels knowing that it's mostly the old farts who like her music. And people's Dads. Think she feels old? Maybe that's why she dresses like that... Poor girl, she needs a glass of ice tea and a rocking chair.


Erica said...

I *used* to be a fan. Still think she has a wonderful voice...I just can't listen to it anymore, because it drips with hatred, bittnerness and socialism. And her husband, James "Happy 9/11!" Brolin, is a also dipshit.

She is not representative of all Brooklyn Jews.

Holder said...

Yeah, her politics make me want to puke!!

kerrcarto said...

Punch in the nose. Those are the only words that come to mind when I see her. It is like they are tattooed on her forehead.