Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Queen of Obvious Speaks

It's my turn to tuck Re-Pete in tonight. With the day I've had I need a little snuggle time complete with head-hugs. I've brought my iPod up and we're listening to John Mayer, played low.
And then she says-

"If I got surgewy on my bottom, it would hurt."
Of course, my first thought is "did someone touch her the wrong way?"
I ask:
Did someone you know have surgery on their on their bottom?

"No, I was just thinking about it. If you had surgewy on your bottom it would hurt if you had to pee or sit down"

Yes it would, I replied.

"So now when I bend over and fart (faawt) I won't fall down on my bottom. Instead I'll fall on my tummy or my knees. Or I won't fall on my tummy or my knees, or hands or elbows or feet so I don't hurt them. What's this part of my body called?" pointing at her neck

Your neck?

"No, that' s the back, what's the front called?"

Your throat?

"Yeah, your thwoat. That's the most important part of you, it helps you swallow and bweathe. You don't want to hurt that."

So there you go, from surgewy to fawts to thwoats. all according to an almost 6 year old.


Elisson said...

Don't kids say the damndest things?

Omnibus Driver said...

Hey, did you see this? Sounds like that's right up your alley!

Mrs. Who said...

Lordy, you never know what kids can come up with! She is so cute.