Monday, September 29, 2008


Pete climbed in bed with me in the wee hours of Sunday morning, mumbling about bad dreams and stepping on rattlesnakes. Ugh. I hugged her up and went back to sleep.
So I went about my day, unaware that the thought of rattlesnakes had been boiling away in my subconscious. And I went to bed last night, sleeping like the dead, until right before I woke up.
And I dreamed of snakes in my room. Big ass snakes, slithering around my feet, and around my children's feet, and my friend's that were visiting. I was walking around around, saying "watch out- there's another one!" I left my house to visit someone, and I was relieved. But then I remembered- in horror- my hubby and kids were still there. There was a commotion back at my place, My husband had been bitten by a huge rattlesnake and was being taken to the hospital. I was to follow the ambulance in my car. I just needed my purse. But in was in my room, with all those damn snakes. Ughh! I was so scared of going into that room it woke me up.

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