Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Too many thoughts

My cat is such a chicken-shit candy-ass! There's a big something flying around the lamp in my room, most likely a beetle. And Stooopid Mr. Stretchy Cat is just looking at it. From afar. The pussy. (Wow, can't believe I really typed that). Now he's over here, mewling to get up in my lap, the schmuck.
Speaking of Candy-Ass. I love that word. Candy-Ass. Candy-Ass. Candy-Ass.
My mother and father would occasionally call someone a Candy-Ass. It came out capitalized like that when they said it. It was the ultimate insult, I think. You're not just a Coward. Or even Chicken-Shit. You were a Full Blown Candy Ass. You really had to shirk your duty, or let someone down who really needed you, or behave in a vulgar, crass, and cowardly manner to earn such a title.

In other news, I refuse to watch the news. It's garbage. Gaar-baaaje, as my grandmother would say. Yes, when I wake up, someone else will have done something glaringly stupid, people will be hurt, money will be lost, and pundits will be spewing their tripe. I listen to that crap, all I hear is Baaaaaa, Baaaaaa, Baaaaa of the people buying that crap.

I will watch the debate tonight, maybe it won't put me to sleep this time. I think about the nonsense coming from the both of them and I want to scream . Yes, I may be naive, but I don't understand, nor do I believe I want to, how they can look people in the eye and lie like a cheap rug.

Most of my 100 or so kids are pretty good. About 5% need some form of adjustment. But once they get to me if they still need to learn how to behave it will most likely not be the parent doing the teaching. And by parent, I mean Mother. It's funny, it's usually boys with no father around that give me the most grief. But by now, The School of Hard Knocks will be delivering their lessons, not the parents or the school. I would love to take these young men who have gotten a girl pregnant but didn't stick around and are dating someone else to come in my class room and have to be the parent to some of my students. To see what we deal with. I realize we live in an "enlightened" time where it's considered better for the child if they parents split up than stay together miserable, but if people could see the kids I see, they might think twice about getting a divorce. Or maybe even getting pregnant.

I'm going to the Georgia game this weekend. They're playing somebody.... I don't know shit about the game, but it sounds like fun and I need to blow off some steam...

I'm so boring these days. Work, school, home, clean, drink, sleep, rinse repeat.
I need to meet someone famous. Like Anthony Bourdain, Mike Rowe, Vin Diesel. I'd cook a meal for any of them, except maybe Anthony, he could cook for me and I'd keep his drink fresh.

I'ts been almost 4 years now that I've quit smoking. 98% of the time- the smell it sickening. I mentally recoil from it- like walking past one of the lunch room dipsty dumpsters after the milk has a a few days to ferment and leak like a nasty skid mark down the drive way towards my building. Blech. It's like a vomit air freshener.

But the other day I contemplated what it might take to make me smoke again. And then I realized I NEVER want to go through the pain and suffering that is nicotine withdrawal again. It was a Bitch- nausea, cramps, head ache- and the bitchy-ness. And the Road Rage. I still haven't fully conquered that one. Maybe neither of those last two- depends on who you ask.

But I still have a very fond memory of a certain New Orleans balcony late of an evening, the smell of cigar smoke strong in the air...

I would love to have that money back. A pack a day for 20 years? That's at least 7,300 packs of smokes. Not counting weekends when I was drunk and smoking double. Say 10 packs a week, a conservative estimate. 520 packs a year, times 20 years. That's 10,400 packs. They were about 50-75 cents a pack for the first 5 years I smoked, then a dollar to two dollars the next 10 years and probably 3 dollars a pack the last 5 years. I wouldn't know- I wouldn't buy them. I would ask Hubby to for me. I did not want anyone to see me with them. So it's $260 the first 5 years, we'll say $7,000 the next ten years, and about $7800 the last 5 years. Folks, that's close to 15 grand!! Wow, I'd like that money back...

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