Monday, December 08, 2008


More Shit, Same Day. As opposed to Same Shit, Different Day. Which is also true in this case.

Here's a secret about edumacation: If 10% of the teachers aren't doing their jobs correctly, the entire faculty will be given 2 hours of work to make up for their slackitude. Which is why many teachers end up with extra duty stations, and why we have to work at school sporting events, and have to stand outside in the cold for 9 weeks to make sure Little Johnny is minding his manners.

90% of all rules are made for 10% of the people. don'tcha know.

And now, because a percentage of our faculty sucks dog balls, we are required to visit, on a weekly and rotating basis, 5 teachers until the end of the school year. And evaluate their performance with a roo-brick (rubric) that we turn in. With our names on it, and we give a copy to the teacher as well. And then we'll discuss our progress monthly at faculty meetings.

So let's see- do I tell the truth to Fuckbubble (Yayy! I finally got to use that word. Thanks, Ellison!) about what a shitteous job he's doing and possibly create an enemy? And what if that is just one day and he is normally a great teacher? Do I want a reputation for being the one who can't get along? The one who only has negative things to say?
Or should I say sunny sweet lies about the guy? Which means I just wasted all that time, as well as the time of the person reading the report. And defeats the purpose of the observation- to cull the herd.

Look. I like learning new stuff, new ways to help my students be successful. And some teachers might even find something useful in my room.
But to ask me to assess how well a teacher is doing is unfair. To the teacher I'm observing and myself.

I've run out of steam on this one. I'm going to eat homemade biscuits and watch Law and Order.

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Mrs. Who said...

Evaluation is the PRINCIPAL'S job...while I like the idea of getting new ideas...this just out and out sucks.

If we did it at my school, the hoity-toity teachers would be sure to criticize anyone who isn't their buddy...all in the name of helping them be better teachers, of course.