Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Paris Island

Guess what?

I might be going through Boot Camp at Paris Island in the Spring.

Whachy'all think? Can I handle it?


Erica said...

Wait...for fun, or for real?

kerrcarto said...

Go for it!

The only things in life you can't do are what you tell yourself you can't.

Anonymous said...

yeah, it's Teacher Boot camp, we get a tour and stuff, learn to shoot an M16. And stand on the yellow footprints. I'm gonna figure out which one my Marine stood on and try to stand there.


Mrs. Who said...

Oh, that is too cool. I've never heard of teacher boot camp before! Have fun.

Jerry said...

Sure. You can handle anything!

Merry Christmas, Holder. It was great to meet you in K-ville!