Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Post, Dammit!

Right now I'm munching on celery and peanut butter, for the comfort of it.

Tomorrow is The Big Day. My surgery is scheduled for around 11ish. With any luck (and a great deal of skill on the Doctor's part) I will have a Brand Spankin'-New eardrum and ossicles (those 3 bones). and my hearing will go back up to Excellent or at least Very Good. If you can spare some happy thoughts for me on the morrow I would appreciate it.

In other news, Pete is taking Tae Kwon Do these days. She's getting ready for her test next month- her first. At practice tonight the students were doing roundhouse kicks using a foam coated plastic thingy as their target.
Apparently, one of the students needed to poop. And did a kick. And pooped a little, on the floor. And then tracked little bits of it across the dojang. Heh. One instructor was trying to clean up whilst the other was trying to keep class going. It was pretty funny. Then.
Of course, Pete had to come home and demonstrate for her father exactly how the kick went. Complete with a butt view. Gotta love those kids.

I had a student tell me the other day I smelled like a doctor. Apparently that's a compliment in her world. It's Tide with Febreze, in case you want to emulate me. I thought it was sweet. And a little strange. But at least she didn't tell me I smelled like a french brothel like my mother would whenever I put too much perfume on.

I'm continuing my work trying to perfect my time machine and cloning device. I would be happy with either one of them, really. I could work out and sleep at the same time or go back and have never gotten so damned fat to begin with. I win either way. As I always do.

My birthday is this weekend. Big 42. I won't be drinking this weekend. Won't need to. I'll be squirrelling pain pills from the surgery and will be high as kite on Sunday.... Hubby will make me some yummy foods, the girls will (HINT HINT) get me some slippers.

I keep seeing these random images around town and mean to take pictures and post for you, ala' Erica, but I can't seem to drive and point the camera at the same time, and the cars behind me don't like it when I park in the middle of the road. I saw this really old orange rubby ducky sitting under a car at the library, wanted to clickety click.

Well, you know what they say in Russia?
Tough Shitsky.

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... hope the surgery went well!....