Monday, February 16, 2009

Birthday Wishes, sort of

Hey, guess whose birthday it is today?

Kim Jong-Il, ruler of the Democratic People\'s Republic of Korea (North Korea) and referred to as \"Dear Leader,\" ,Chairman of the National Defence Committee and General Secretary of the Korean Workers\' Party.

And what's a birthday without a surprise party? I say we get some of our Supersneaky Really Deadly Marines to sneak over there and beat his ass, I mean give him a birthday spanking he'll never forget. One that will help him remember the millions of children he has let starve to death. Or poison themselves by drinking sewage. And we need to get him something sparkly to go on his cake... with an 8 second timer and a big boom.

That bastard gave up his right to call himself a human about 30 years ago, it's time to remove him from this mortal coil....

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