Tuesday, February 03, 2009

time management skillz

Pete, the wizened 11 year old, is the child who wants to do it all. She does 6 different activities at school and karate at night. Plus she has/wants to keep a A average. This is not especially hard so much as it it time consuming. I say if she wants to do it and can maintain her sanity on most days I'm just fine with her being very, very active. Less chance of her getting into drugs. But, the downside is having to learn a few hard lessons about keeping up with her papers and time.

She must be learning some skillz, tho.

Tonight, after chorus and karate, we got home and she got started on her math homework, all the while telling me about her day. Suddenly she jumps up and sez, "I gotta go Number 2!" and goes to our water closet.
And then she comes right back, picks up her math book and sez, "Hey, I can do this while I'm sitting there."

Heh, those time management discussions are starting to work....

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