Sunday, March 01, 2009

Re-Pete plays....something...

Re-Pete, my youngest, is in kindergarten now. Last year, after her very first day of pre-K, she came home with a new habit. Behold:

She just loves lining things up. Notice the books on the shelf- lined up to her liking.First, on top of the Santa picture, we have her little Pet Shop puppy. Followed by bells, interjected with silly putty in situ, and a few other odd things.

Behind her art work, you'll see a great book, Postcards from Mars, a picture of Moi and Re-Pete with the rest of the family hidden. That was our second trip to Disney.

Then there is a picture of Pete, on a boogie board. For her birthday that year, we had an island party theme. We took a blue tarp and rigged it up to look like a Wave. Then we took pictures of all the kids "surfing". We've got some pretty funny shots of the kids....

Continuing down the line, you'll see a teddy bear hand painted by Pete when she was a wee tot. She used all the colors- together. Then is a very sweet picture of Pete as a toddler. I went to visit my friend Niqui and Pete found that ratty old hat and fell in love.

Finally, we have the picture of all the small children at the Marine's graduation. The littlest kids were Star Struck.

Re-Pete regularly Lines Things Up. It's her Thing. Food, clothes, shoes. I wonder if it is some sort of compulsion. There are enough screwballs in my family to start our own funny farm, so I wouldn't be surprised.

I said it before- she'll either end up my smartest or my dumbest.

But wait- what is that dark mark there in the picture?To the right of her hand... Any guesses?

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Anonymous said...

Teach her to line up tequila shots for guests. That'd be sweet.
- zonker