Thursday, March 26, 2009

What was I saying?

Sometimes I forget things. Hell, I forget stuff all the time. It's funny, the people I work with say, "Didn't we do this lab last year?" or worksheet, or some such, and my response is invariably "I don't remember".

I know I smoked some pot as a teenager, but damn. I'm a little young to suffer from CRSS. That's Can't Remember Shit Syndrome for those of you under 25.

Just think of how dotty I'll be when I'm really old! I'll be like those forgetful professors we see o TV, shuffling around in my lab coat and flip flops. Like I don't already do that...

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Mrs. Who said...

I was just saying the other day...umm, what was I saying? I forgot.


I don't like this getting older business at all. But I've learned to compensate for the memory loss. When I forget something I've said in class, I turn to the students and say, "And what did I tell you?" Invariably, one will student (usually a girl) will raise her hand and tell me. If nobody knows, I tell them they weren't paying attention and they need to write sentences until they can remember.

Works beautifully.