Saturday, April 18, 2009

Last night I loaded Re-Pete up and we headed off to Wally-World to get shampoo, toothbrushes, body wash (it shimmers! I can't wait to try it) and the 700 other HBA things we ran out of all at once that I hate paying for thus making the trip to that horrible place necessary. I did get a coupla nice basil plants, though. My total was a little over a $121.

For stuff that we will only use in one room of the house!

I had a fleeting thought about how expensive everything is and how I needed to watch it.... then Re-Pete said something and I forgot about it.

Until I went to sleep. And dreamed that we lost our house and had to move into an apartment. A really small, old, outdated apartment. With a minuscule bathroom. Just one minuscule bathroom with a medicine cabinet for the mirror and orange tile on the wall. It only had a shower- with a curtain, not a door. You could stand in the shower and brush your teeth over the sink. You could sit on the toilet and spit into the sink, too. The rest of the place had wood paneling on the walls. Sigh.
Lots of cabinets in the kitchen, but they were all too high for me to reach. I woke up right after I was filled with dread- I had forgotten all the silverware at my house and had nothing to eat with.

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SuperGurl said...

honey. you checking for cheap flights? you will love this place and we can nature walk. can not wait.