Friday, April 24, 2009

Ursulean OB

Re-Pete and I were reading Mrs. Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten the other night. I love to listen to her read, she is doing do beautifully! She is adding inflections and comments now. At the end of the book there is a "yearbook" page of all the students in the book, and Coco the Cockatoo. And then we had the following conversation:

RP: I didn't know cockatoos were white.

H: Yep, and I saw one on TV that had no feathers. It was grey and very ugly and had really big eyes.

RP: Maybe she was pregnant

H: No, only animals with fur get pregnant. Birds lay eggs. ( At this point I'm waiting for her to ask me how the baby gets in the egg and the egg gets in the bird)

RP: Like bears, right?

H: (Whew, dodged that one!) Yes, like bears.

RP: How do the babies come out:

H; Same as humans...

RP: Oh yeah, you can cut them out or the can come out the you know... (pointing)

H: Yes, the vagina.

RP: But there are no bear doctors, how do they cut them out?

H: (good question!) If the bear is in the zoo, the people can help, if not, the bears have to do it themselves.

RP: How do they know how?

H: Bears are born knowing how. (And I'm gearing up to tell her about instinct, when I notice that little Re-Pete has fallen right to sleep)

This is pretty typical for us.

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