Friday, July 03, 2009

finger licking nasty

Imagine, if you will, a teacher passing out a worksheet to her eager students. Her fingers are dry, she can't get the papers in the stack to separate. What to do? Yes, shesticks out her tongue and licks her finger, then parses out stacks of papers, enough for each row. Each row has its own "finger-lick". Which is nasty beyond discussion.

Yes, I confess, I did that up until a few years ago. When it occured to me how nasty that action is. And I enlisted my student's aide- every time I licked my finger in preparation to pass out papers, the kids were to say, quite vocally I insisted, "EWWWWWWW!"

It did not take me long to break myself of that habit.

Fast forward to this week, I'm sitting in a classroom as a student, increasing in depth my understanding of electricity...electric pressure... color coding pressure changes throughout series and parallel circuits.. feeling like the class had some pretty good moments... laughing with my co-workers.. getting some good ideas.
Every time that professor went to pass out papers... EWWWWWWW!!!... she had to lick her finger to get the papers going... at first I didn't notice, I sat in the back. Then she rearranged us and then I sat in the front of a row... fuck.

It was like listening to talented singer sing your favorite song...with spinach in her teeth...

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