Thursday, July 23, 2009

I had such a good time in Texas this past weekend. I loved seeing every body, 'specially my good buddy Supergurl. It seemed like I was home, a little bit. Even though I was raised in Houston, not Kerrville. But I guess they forgave me that.

Denny did a pretty good job of the linkages, I'm sure you have seen it, you probably came from there to get to here, anyway. Although I must say, I think I only cleaned up twice, and he must have been looking both times. I seem to remember being waited on hand and foot, me being too good to get my ass out of the pool and all.
The ranch was everything SG said it would be, and more. Man, there was a lot of sky out there! And that salt water pool was amazing...

Some of my favorite memories:
-Cannonball coming at ya! You can't help but love the criplets
- laying in the hammock with SG listening to music, staring at the stars. There are so many more stars to be seen in Texas than in my neck of the woods.
-bloody bull mix - they sell that stuff in hardware stores!
-Watering the longhorns- it was a bumpy ride in the dark, then standing outside the truck with the cows right there. Yeah, I'm afraid of them. Yeah, Matt and SG were laughing at me.
-Skinny dipping late at night. You guys who didn't do it just don't know what you were missing.

I got home late Sunday, got up early Monday for a dentist's appointment (yay!) then we took the girls to 6 Flags and walked around all day (5 flags of fun), then Tuesday had to get up early for another dentist appointment (yay!). So Wednesday rolls around, I sleep till 11, putter around with a bitch of a headache, then sleep on the couch for most of the afternoon.

Now, I feel almost human, I might even be capable of making decisions today.
Man, I hope we have Blownstar next year....

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