Wednesday, July 29, 2009


You know what I love about my house? The trees in the backyard.
Technically, the trees aren't part of the house, but work with me here.
There are a few big oaks surrounded by a few dogwoods, those green tulipy trees, maybe a birch.
It rained last night, so the ground is very wet, there is always a heavy layer of leaves so water gets stuck up there. There are some low lying bushes. We have a cat, TC buried up there. The wind is kicking up, making the skinnier trees bend back and forth, leaves twisting side to side. Some of the trees are covered in moss. I think I heard once that moss on a tree is a sign of a sick tree. I hope not.
My yard is good for growing rocks, but not much else. Bunch of broken, weathered quartzite, schist, and rusted garnets. We have moss, lichen, and a plethora of fungi in the corner where our efforts to get grass to grow were in vain.
Hubby has fought the good fight in trying to make our back yard habitable, putting in ponds, shrubbery, and flowers along the edges. We do have some grass in the middle now.

I love those trees though....

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.... well said, ma'am......