Saturday, October 24, 2009

Got a little spot on you, Or Pete, the Birthday Edition

Pete's real name rhymes with a piece of fruit, so she has had a particular nickname her whole life. Someone started calling her Orange, just to be different. And it sorta sticks...She turns the big 12 today....She wanted her room decorated. Blue walls with orange spots. We are also painting all her furniture white, with accents, somehow. She decided to paint her nickname on the wall. Which I think is a cute idea. Here are a few pix of the work in progress....
It was her idea to put the stripes in, zebra style. Since the blue bleeds through so much I had the idea to paint it white first, then we will go back over it when in orange
Here is a wall, with two coats, I'm thinking we will need several more coats

I really think we will need sot lighting in this room, if not I might have a seizure every time I go in there.

My Pete is a very accomplished young lady these days. She stays busy with band, chorus, wrestling, and church. She is well loved and respected by her teachers and friends. Her belches can be heard from another room, although that may not always be a good thing.

I am very lucky to have such a sweet girl.....

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Michelle said...

Robinson Salvage has some nice light fixtures rather cheap, if you are serious about changing the lighting. Happy Birthday Pete!