Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Just as I was drifting off last night I was thinking of some happy times in my life. I remember one perfect day at Coligny Beach in Hilton Head. It was late afternoon. I couild feel the land breeze blowing against my back as I sat facing the water. It was cloudy and just barely warm. The tide was out, we sat on the hard, wet sand. Both girls were running around. I sat there, listening to their laughter, watching them make foot prints, each little piggy toe making a divit in the sand. The divits would dissolve back into the sand and my eyes  would move on to the next set of footprints. They were pretending to be birds, trying to fly with the gulls circling above.  They ran in circles, living in moment, one with the world.

It reminds me of my favorite line in "The Notebook" where the two lovers are on the beach and she is pretending to be a bird and he says the most perfect thing ever

"If you're a bird, I'm a bird"

I love that line. So beautiful....

I see the girls laughing, their hair whipping in the wind. And it was like all the Celestial Bells began to ring...and the world aligned itself perfectly.....

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