Saturday, January 16, 2010

Random thoughts at the ass end of night

If you have a Middle Eastern Accent in a Hick Town, don't try to say you are from Boston. Just because I speak with a Southern Drawl doesn't make me stupid.

I can't go anywhere- and I do mean that- in this town without seeing at least one former student. I was at a pool hall tonight. Just wanted to play a little pool, drink a little beer, laugh a bunch. And of course I saw no less than 4 former students. One of whom made it a point to walk up to me, with his big brother, and say, "Weren't you my science teacher?" To which Big Bro said "Was he a good student?"

Jeebus on Jelly toast, I just wanted to blow off a little steam!

And then Ole Sahib had to come over and talk shit and try to chat us up, followed by Old Man River and his Cronies. The only guys not hitting on us were the guys in the corner talking to their brothers and playing pool about as bad as I was.

Teach me to go out in public.

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Erica said...

I am going to try really hard to work "Jeebus on Jelly toast" into my daily repertoire of borrowed witticisms.