Sunday, June 27, 2010

Drinks are on me!

Laura, at Fetch Me My Flying Monkeys, can't go to California. In a show of solidarity, several of us have all agreed to not go, either. I went one step farther and said I would drink a Tequila Sunrise for everyone not going. But I might be short a little Tequila. But then I remembered her beautiful blue Beta. No, I'm not planning on substituting fish for tequila, but something else blue.... in honor of her blue fish and popsicle.

Did I mention how damn hot it is here in Jawja? Sheesh...could fry an egg on the sidewalk, if my town wasn't so freakin' cheap that they won't install sidewalks anywhere except around the bank downtown.

But, because I am such a good mother, I took the youngest blueberry picking today. We stopped after one gallon, mostly because of dehydration was setting in and the mosquitos were getting in formation for attack.
Here are the fruits of our labor...

 You see the red one? The one bad apple? There is always one, isn't there? One Freedom Hater...I'll pluck that bastard out before I make my blue goodness. That bag in the back ground was full, but those blueberries are tasty, and I could not help myself.
Here is my minion slave girl demon spawn lovely helper, chief bluberry picker, Re-Pete
So what am I making? What bluberry goodness do I have in store?

Blueberry Margaritas!!

I love, love, love a good tequila sunrise... so I added one in there for good measure...
Technically, the margaritas are more purpley than blue, but there were still quite tasty!


Laura said...

HA! Damn that freedom hating red berry!!!!
Thank you for not going to California either. That reminds me, I need to pick up some tequila.

Mr. Bingley said...

Hot damn, you are a genius!

I nominate you for the Nobel Prize (that way you can get one of them fancy government jobs).

Holder said...

Laura, bet that berry was a communist, too.
Mr. B, already got a gummint job, but I'll take the prize, make it mean something again.