Saturday, February 12, 2011

A job in Retail

A horse likes to brush her hair, right?
My youngest daughter likes to line things up. This "issue" manifested itself around the beginning of pre-k. She lined up a stack of paper, covering the couches, fireplace, chairs, and part of the living room floor. But they were arranged! Then came the time she arranged hair brushes and combs on the head of her large pink horse, just in case the horse wanted to brush its hair.

She's in there somewhere!
One of my favorites is the time she lined up shoes, mostly flip-flops (Mandatory summer gear here in Georgia), her hand-painted dessert pieces, and other bits on top of her guitar. Then she wrapped the whole thing up with a pink jump rope. And played with it for quite some time. It is a regular occurence for her to line up dolls and stuffed animals on the stairs.
Last night, I took her grocery shopping. She is 8, but just barely stands taller than the cart. She loves pushing it, I just walk along, handing her stuff. She stopped the cart every time I handed her something to arrange it. The cans had to be in one spot, the boxes straight. I tell you, it the was the best arranged cart ever!
Here is a crappy phone picture about halfway in...
Bells and eggs...made sense at the time
wait....that's her lining up her bells and eggs and pictures and what ever the heck that pink thing is...
BTW, see that dark mark? My father did that. He was forever putting lit cigarrettes down and forgetting them.
Where was I?
An awesome job!
There it is! It's funny, at one point, she started arranging things on the shelves! Apparently the good folks at Ingles need to fire the spice shelf arranger person. My daughter can do it WAY BETTER! She said she couldn't wait until she was old enough to work there.
When we were done, the cart was completely full, not one inch of empty space, and so very neat. I wish
I had thought to get a photo of it...
On another note, I think the grocery store people are getting smarter. Remember the days when you knew you had to stop shopping because the cart was getting hard to push? Our cart last night was amazingly easy to push....I think the Grocery Store Cart Technology has taken a great leap forward and made carts that defy Newton's First Law of Motion...
Too bad the Grocery Store Baggers aren't as capable. Our guy couldn't get all the stuff in and ended up following us out with a few bags. I told him my 8 year old did a better job than he did and better watch out in 8 years because she was coming for his job!


Joan of Argghh! said...

That's awesome!

Maybe the cart is easier to push because food companies are actually putting less into the same size containers. (A common practice in hard times.)

Meanwhile, I think she's going to be a chemist, with a great knack for knowing why things belong together. . . or maybe a Yenta?


Erica said...

A yenta...LOL. Maybe a shadchan?

Anonymous said...

.... hahah..... a great story.... and it was lovely seeing your little girl have such fun at our home!....... Fiona still can't quit laughing...


Holder said...

E and Joan, I don't know what those are, but they sound something she would get into.
Eric: we had a great time seeing you and Fiona again. You guys are welcome any time.