Saturday, September 23, 2006

Off with their heads!

I watched a National Geographic show toninght about fire ants and their lack of natural enemies on this continent. I remember being about 3 or 4 and having to go to the bathroom. We were outside and i wasn't ready to go in, so I dropped my britches- and sat down in a fire ant bed. I don't remember the pain, thankfully, but I remember walking around in a towel and sitting in the bath a lot.
The show was about the phorid fly. Apparently, the fly buzzes around the ant, scaring it. The ant sends out a fear pheremone and all the other ants come to see what's up. The smell, however, turns the flies on, and they mate in mid-air above the ants. The female then jabs an ant and injects the fertilized egg into its abdomen, then go gets her some more fly-love. Get this, the ant doesn't die right away, the maggot slowly digests its insides and only after the ant dies does the maggot crawl from the abdomen into the head. It eats everything in there (I wonder how much that would be) and then once the head falls off an adult fly comes out, all randy and looking for love! The fly comes from South America, where the fire ant population is kept under control.
Here are a few pictures for you:
Off with his head!

Talk about getting inside your head!

Do I make you horny, baby?

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