Saturday, June 18, 2011

Not Your Average Day at The Park

I was ten years old the first time I ever smoked pot. It was on The Needle at AstroWorld in Houston, Texas, around 1977. In the following 12 years, I smoked a lot more, plus a few other things.
I was never a big fan of amusement parks. I don't really like the rides, I really don't like heights and hate being flipped upside down. It's hot and crowded, and over-priced.
But, can you imagine how terrible it would be to see this bad boy on a trip to Six Flags?

Talk about a Creepy Clown! I bet if I had seen this guy that sultry summer night in 1977, I might have stayed on the Straight-N-Narrow!

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Mrs. Who said...

We used to go to that park in New's so sad to see it this way.

And the clown was creepy even before Katrina...