Saturday, June 04, 2011

Summer time means pools and candy

As a wee 8 year old, I lived in a little town in Texas, close to Houston. I went to a small elementary school there, I read a book a day. I would finish my work early and the teacher would let me go to the library. I remember really loving those books. Mostly I read biographies, but some fiction would find its way in from time to time.
But what I really loved that year was the public pool and Chick-O-Stick. My mother would drop my sister, brother, and myself early in the day. No sunscreen, though. Who bothered with that in the late 70s? We would get enough money to get in and a soda and a piece of candy. My cavity creator of choice was a Chick-O-Stick.

What were those things made of? Reminiscent of Butterfingers sans chocolate, it had a stick-to-your-teeth yummy-ness that I loved.
I bet if I were to try one now, I would still love it, but dentist visits cost exponentially more as we age.

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