Thursday, October 05, 2006

insurance and a yo-yo

Spent the better part of the day taking Pete to various medical institutions. Went to the doctor for the fever and cough, had to have an x-ray- go to the outpatient center. Had to go back to the doctor, had to get a shot, go back to the hospital. Spent from 9 am to shortly after 2. My insurance company will only pay for certain tests and shots at the hospital. Poor girl's got pneumonia and I had to drag her around town because of insurance. The folks at her school were really sweet, though. Her teacher is great, already had all her work ready for me to pick up.
We hope Pete will be better by Saturday. If not, we're back to the doctor. Anybody know how long it takes Rocephin to kick in? Cough medicine isn't helping and she can't stop coughing.

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Lisa W. said...

Okay our medical system gets dogged a lot but at least I don't have to go through that shit. Sorry to hear about the running with a sick child. Hope the Rocephin kicks in soon; KK has never had that one so I'm not sure...