Friday, December 08, 2006

Bad Teacher!

Remember being told that air was blue because of as light passed through it all the colors except blue was scattered? How about that blood is blue? How about toilets flush clockwise in the southern hemisphere and counter clockwise in the northern hemisphere because of the Coriolis Effect? Rampant carbon dioxide is causing global warming? Bullshit, all bullshit.

Air is blue, because when you get enough of our atmosphere together it's blue, just like a handful of river water is clear, but the whole river is brown.

Blood is not blue. As light passes into your arm, through the blood and back out it appears that burgundy/purple color.

Carbon dioxide makes up less than a half of a percent of our atmosphere. Yes, it stops heat from escaping. But water vapor is much more effective at trapping heat. If the atmosphere didn't trap heat, the planet would be a big ball of ice.

And last but not least, toilets flush cw or ccw because of the shape of the bowl, the pour of the water, and the shape of the drain. Contrary to what this guy says.


KeesKennis said...

That is a easy rip off, you pay 20 dollars to have that trick done.
In uganda we inspected the funnel device and found shape inducing controls.
Our very good GPS indicated that we were not even on the equator.

jojo said...

Holder, you're right about the toilet flushing. What about the vortex if you pull the plug in a bathtub or sink? I've heard CCW for the northern hemisphere and CW for the southern.

Holder said...

The Coriolis Effect only works on very large phenomenom, like storms. Everything else the goes clockwise or otherwise ca nbe attributed to the shape of the container and drain.

jojo said...

Not bad for only a ninth grade education....ok, what is the meaning of life?

Holder said...