Tuesday, December 19, 2006


One of the perks of my job is that I get three weeks off in December. Sometimes I plan projects for that time. This year I decided to pull the carpet up in the play room since I just can't get the spell of pee pee out of there. I've tried industrial de-smellerizer, vinegar, and store bought stuff. It. Won't. Go. Away. I'm pulliing up the carpets and painting it with some woodey colored paint. Then I'm going to Dremmel lines into the floor to make it look like hard wood floors, a couple of coats of sealer and Bam! New Floors. But first I have to remove about 2,000 books that haven't been touched since we moved in about 6 years ago (read lots of dust) 2 beds, toys, entertainment center and A Lot of Other Shit.
9 milk crates later and I have emptied two small shelves of paper backs and half of a tall shelf of D&D books. The hubs really loves that stuff, even designed his own campaigns and such. I remember spending entire days playing D&D...
I found:
A Narcotics Anonymous book
1964 high school literature book, complete with notes from kids, maybe the hubs parents'
2 dictionaries
a geologic dictionary
a lot of Phillip Jose Farmer (I couln't find him when I looked last time)
a 1970 edition of the Narnia Books
A lot of Private Eye books- A Corpse Came Calling... etc
Origin of Species ( I must reread that)
Homer's Odyssey (I might have to read that)
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (maybe)
The Monster Compendium (think big)
2 pounds of dust up my nose...(not white or angelic though)

I'm off to shop (I hate shopping!) for dinner tomorrow, what with the big man coming and all,

I've been rather naughty this year, so I'm not holding out too much hope, but maybe I can still get one present.

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Lisa W. said...

I'm sure you'll get a great present from that big sweetie of yours...

I love looking through old books - fun stuff!