Monday, December 18, 2006

North Korea

So we're at a "hexagonal table" with different parties to try and convince North Korea to keep its part of the bargain to move away from nuclear business. They want us to drop financial sanctions that were imposed in October. Why did we impose them?

"Washington imposed its financial curbs more than a year ago after determining that Pyongyang was engaged in money-laundering and counterfeiting American currency. The U.N. leveled sanctions in October after condemning the North's nuclear test." said the guys at CNN. com

But does anyone else remember when that nut, Kim Jong-il, said he wouldn't negotiate unless the U.S. agreed to st down one on one and talk? Wasn't our response a great big No, we won't? Isn't that like negotiating with terrorists? Isn't that a big no-no? WTF?


A South Korean official said the U.S. and North Korean envoys were likely to have two-way discussions later on Monday. A separate U.S. Treasury Department delegation is expected to meet the North Koreans to discuss the financial standoff.
But U.S. envoy Hill has urged North Korea to focus

Bush is such a wuss. He needs to ask himself- WWRD? What would Reagan Do?

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