Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Renaissance Man

My son cracks me- he won't talk on the phone in front of people, doesn't like to talk to strangers, won't complain when the service or food is bad at a restaurant. But, for all that, he is awesome.

The other night he spent a good five minutes telling his father and I about a calculus problem involving the area under a curve. He went in to great detail, 90% of which his father didn't get, and about 40% I didn't get. He basically solved the problem verbally, telling us how he solved it on paper, line by line. Complete with "d(x)'s" and "d(y)'s" and integrating and limits, if you care about such things. I asked him later if he could see the problem in his head as he was solving it and he said yes, that happened to him all the time.
Last night we spent the ride home from wrestling practice with him quoting Othello. Complete with emotion, ad lib, and an explanation of the words to go with it.

My own Renaissance Man in the making.


Assrot said...

Being an engineer myself I can tell you that being able to visualize complex problems like the Calculus your son was doing in his head is a true gift that very few people have. Please encourage him all that you can. He will probably be a great man some day.

Holder said...

I keep telling him that he doesn't know how smart he really is, but he thinks I'm just being Mom.