Monday, January 29, 2007

Video Contest

I am cross-posting this from my blog, Shadowscope. Hopefully my wife won't kick my ass too hard when she gets up in the morning.

Payperpost and Rock 101One in Orlando are sponsoring a Most Exciting, Outrageous, or Embarrassing concert experience
video contest. This is worth $500 to the winner. They are picking the three videos submitted with the most views on
youtube, and one of those will be voted on the week of February 5th and the winning video will be played
there along with winning $500. This is my submission to the contest so please watch, rate, and comment over at
youtube, all of that good shit. Thanks to all that help out.

I'm going to leave this on top for awhile. At least until I get sick of looking at it or on the 5th which is when
the contest ends..

I have submitted this now, so please view and vote rate.

The contest is for a 30-45 second video and damn that is short amount of
time as I discovered. I don't talk particularly fast, so I barely get started and it's time to stop. My nine
year old enjoyed helping me make it though.

The concert itself was when Metallica opened for Ozzy Osbourne on July
30th 1986 on their Master of Puppets tour. A bunch of us got hold if tickets and made the roadtrip to Knoxville. We
made a banner and loaded up into several cars and went pretty early in the day hoping to get in some

Apparently the band was staying at the hotel located adjacent to the
Civic Coliseum as we found out when we hopped the fence to the pool area. James Hetfield, Kirk Hammet, and Lars
Ulrich were all hanging out by the pool doing their thing. Rather than get the three of us that had jumped the fence
thrown out they let us hang out. We got some pictures of which I have one with myself, James, and a buddy. I
couldn't find the damn picture or I would have scanned it and posted it here. The one photo that is on one of my
404 pages was taken after the show. It seems like it was a million
years ago. Damn what a bunch of punks and idiots we were.

Most of the people that had gone to the show were there to see Ozzy.
Nobody knew who the hell Metallica was at the time except for the real hardcore metal heads, so we probably looked
like a bunch of idiots. It was general admission, so as soon as the doors opened, we tore into the coliseum, and ran
all the way to the stage to stake our claim. It was weird as hell. There were about a dozen of us, and a couple of
other people that ended up being in our area, all headbanging and thrashing, surrounded by everyone else who was
watching us as much as the show.

The guys in the band showed our banner up on stage, and we were suitable
impressed. James Hetfield had broken his arm in a skating accident so one of the roadies played guitar in his place,
and he sang. The roady did pretty well, so all was cool in my world. After they finished playing, I left. I had no
interest in seeing Ozzy drunk and stumbling around the stage, and after the energy of the opening act, Ozzy paled in
comparison to me. We hung out at Metallica's tour bus for awhile and got autographs, and then made the trip back

My buddy Steve and I were pretty beat, I had been up about two days at
that point, so we pulled into a park and ride or something and slept until the next morning. All in all it was pretty
fun and occasionally I miss those days, then I wake up and realize, "what was I thinking"?

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