Monday, January 29, 2007


At one point in my childhood, I was about 8 or so, my folks had a boat. We'd take it out to Lake Conroe, or Livingston, and putter around. Daddy would put a tire inner tube in the water, tied to the boat with a long rope, and we'd get in and hold on for dear life. No life jackets for us! Your legs would be slung behind you, you'd feel the sting of the water on your belly and face, but the glee we'd feel riding along at 100 miles an hour! Or maybe just 10 or so. The first time I rode the tube in a bikini I learned a valuable lesson about the force of water- cross your legs or you're going to lose a suit. My parents had a really hard time keeping a straight face, I bet. But they had a harder time getting me out of the water!

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Lisa W. said...

That reminds me of jumping off the platform at the Aquatic Centre...same rule applies. In a pool filled with people, trying to scramble and find your bottoms, it ain't fun.