Wednesday, January 10, 2007


When I was about 19, and very full of myself, I worked part time in a little seafood restaraunt. The owner was a bit of a crook, telling teenage girls and their parents he could help the girl become a model, stealing your tips on from the credit cards if you didn't watch it. If exuded creepiness, Dads probably wanted to beat his ass for looking at their daughters. Well, karma was definitely getting back at him. His cooks were stealing him blind, and the man had some serious 'roids. He would bring a newspaper with him into the bathroom and be gone a while. When he got back, his normal dark complexion would be pale, his shirt wet, and the top of his bald head beaded with sweat. I shudder to think what kind of crap he was taking that caused those symptoms.

Well, one of the cooks had a nephew, Mike T., that she introduced me to. We hit it off and dated for a while. His grandparents raised him, both his parents had been killed when he was small. He had burned his hands when he was young rolling into a campfire in his sleep. The doctors told hime he would never be able to open his hands all the way- they were wrong.

You'll remember that I had quit school a few years, okay 5, before and didn't go back. I was quite happy- working two jobs, burning the candle at both ends. Mike kept telling me how smart I was, what a shame it was I wasn't in school. I thought he was trying to butter me up and and get my pants off. Problem with him was he started calling me "his" and I damn sure wasn't ready for that. Anyway, just to get him to leave me alone about it I went and took the test to see what classes I needed for my GED, found out on a Thursday I already had enough to pass, worked that night and the next, then went Saturday morning to take the test. I passed.

Thing is, I would never have done it if it hadn't been for him. I treated him pretty shitty, in the end. I would like to say I'm sorry and thank him.

He played for the Florida Gators back then, and I sure hope his life is going great...


Lisa W. said...

AWWWWWWWWWWW! What a sweety you are.

Dick said...

I'm liking what I read here.