Wednesday, February 28, 2007


well, not really.

The American Cancer Society has started its Relay For Life here. Our county gets into it all the way down to the student level. This year we're doing "Flush Cancer" as one of our fundraisers.
There is an old semi-clean commode that travels from room to room. The teacher draws the amount to raise, and then it stays in his/her room until that amount or more is raised.
It's my turn to have the toilet in my room. And you know my love for scatological humor! So there I sit upon my throne, reading a magazine when my students come in....

If they give me 50cents I'll take their picture with their camera, another 5o cents and they can sign it. For 5 bucks they get to sit on the throne for half the class and "do their business". Can't wait to see how it goes. In three hours I raised 5 bucks.

Some girl signed her name "Her Name save cancer" What a pin-head.

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