Thursday, March 01, 2007

Auditions going on now...

For the 2010 Stupidest Criminals in Georgia....

A student is sitting in ISS,In School Suspension for you Goody-two Shoes out there that never got caught/were perfect. When you're in the "big House" you get to sit in the class all day, with potty breaks orchestrated, lunch in silence, that sort of thing
This boy, I'll call him Reginald, is given a progress report from his math teacher to bring home and be signed by a parent and brought back the next day. An hour after he gets his work, he brings the paper back to the teacher with a parents' signature. He hasn't left the room. The ISS teacher calls bullshit on him, and he tries to get the paper back, says he's not done.

wait, wait, it gets better.

He goes to his math teacher the next day and asks for another copy of his progress report, says he made a mistake on it.


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