Friday, February 23, 2007

portending evil?

Had a dream the other night that a guy in a trench coat came into my classroom and started shooting up the place. I've been keeping my door locked until yesterday. I kept looking over my shoulder every time I heard something. Man, I hope this is just bad dream heebie-jeebies....

Ever had a dream come true?

In the middle of the day one of my students comes running in the door (tardy) and announces to the whole class that there had been a fight in the front of the school and someone had fired a gun. After telling her she better not be lying, and making sure my door was still locked, I called the front office on my cell phone. There had been a fight, but no weapons had been used. I found out later that a student had been sitting atop a tall table and had knocked it over, creating the sound she mistook for gunfire.
I then had a talk with her about creating panic and next time not to announce it to the whole class. I think she did it for effect. She probably did hear something and let her imagination run wild.

Stupid girl.


Yabu said...

I have...put a pistol in your purse...just in case.

KurtP said...

Take her to the range and use Yabu's pistol to let her hear what a real pistol sounds like :-D