Friday, March 30, 2007

The beginning

It's finally here- don't know who wanted it more, me or the kids. The day ended rather well, the students went to a talent show, I babysat a few that didn't want to go. Cleaned my room, graded papers, put away lab equipment, etc.

Got more of the garage emptied out- how nice it's starting to look!

My darling husband has done a great job on the garden and pond. Even if no one else shows up tomorrow, I believe we'll have a nice time...

Pete is getting curious about her period- she has a thousand questions- when will I get it? Why do I have to have it? Does it hurt? Can I not get a period but still have a baby (don't we all wish!) Then she asked if she could get pregnant if she didn't have her period, even if the guy had a condom. (Where did she learn that?) About that time Hubby walks in, hears the word condom and turned right around and leaves. Good Daddy.

I'm really glad my daughter feels comfortable enough to ask me questions. I hope that doesn't stop....


Chickie Carmarthen said...

Heh. I can just imagine him walking in and out like that. It IS great when they are comfortable enough to ask you about stuff. It shows you haven't projected some taboo onto them that they feel like they will burn in hell for asking about something like that (sorry, childhood memories) Pete reminds me of my younger son; we were having "the chat" one night in the car while driving (then they can't get away and nobody has to look at anyone and be embarassed) - we talked about everything and I asked them if they had any questions about ANYTHING - I would rather them ask me. Ike at the time who was 10 said, "okay, so what's a blowjob, Mom?"

Yes. I answered him. I tried not to spit my coffee out onto the windshield and actually maintained my composure. It was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Yikes. My little girl is 4 and I already kind of dread those conversations. Not because I don't want to tsalk to her about such topics, but I want to do a good job! She is already asking when she will bleed, as she calls it. That's perhaps only due to her being a little too close her mommy. ;)


Holder said...

My son knew about it as a young lad, although I"m sure he's blocked it from his memory now that he's 18.