Monday, April 09, 2007

Getting an education

Pete is about the age where she can start remembering important things easier.
What important things, you ask?
Good question, Grasshopper. Names of songs and the artist/group responsible. She, being the 9 year old expert Know-It-All has decided that some names are good, some stupid:
Eagles- good
The Doors- bad- cuz they just open and shut, how dumb is that?
Red Hot Chili Peppers- good
Drivin' and Cryin'- bad- it's just stupid

It's nice to hear her sing along with the song- I had hoped my son would develop that talent, but nope, didn't happen. She even requests the local rock station be played.
That's my girl.

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Yabu said...

Do you remember the band, The Dead Kennedys? Too Drunk to F**k

I guess I shouldn't wear that tee-shirt if I stop by for a visit.