Saturday, April 14, 2007

I need more time

6 weeks of school. 3 weeks plus 2 days of summer school. Whew!
Too much to do, not enough time.

I think I need a wife.
Someone to do all the BS I do here- dishes, cooking, cleaning toys, waking up those pesky children,
That way I could spend my days and "free time" hanging out with beautiful people.
And get that tattoo.
But no fairies, or birds, something original. But what? And Where?
Ooh, how about on the calf? That looks good. And I have great calfs/calves/gastrocnemius muscles.
Saw a woman with her kids names tattooed in a tribal-ey pattern around her bicep.
How about an infinity symbol? For the limitless possibilities in my life....
Or a double helix to represent the grand design that is life?
But wait, all science really boils down to physics.
Maybe an Apple, in honor of Sir Isaac Newton, or a Finch and turtle for Darwin?
I'm liking the infinity symbol idea... but an apple and a turtle.... how to work it in?
How about a red turtle with an infinity symbol on its back?

Questions. Questions.

I need a wife.

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Richard said...

Do I get to pick her out?