Thursday, May 31, 2007

I turn my back for one second!

Or in this case, try to spend 5 minutes alone with Hubby.
A little later, she walks into the kitchen with a sheet wrapped around her like we live in the sub-Arctic: head to toe, eyes peeking out. Well, my mother didn't raise any fools (well, one, but he can't help it) and the following ensued:
Me: "[Re-Pete], why are you wrapped up like that?" I see red something on her chin.
her: I dunno.
Me: Let me see.
Her: uh-uh.
Me: Yes, ma'am, let me see ::using Big Momma voice::
She drops the sheet, and she has drawn a line, in permanent marker, from her chin, down the neck, past the sternum, around the belly button a few times, and then around to the middle of her back.

Sheesh, there goes my Mother of The Year Award.

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Chickie Carmarthen said...

Sorry but because that's not MY kid and it's YOUR's really funny...