Sunday, July 15, 2007

The family and I went to have breakfast with some friends, new and old, Sunday morning. I have a few thoughts on this:

It is totally bitching that I get to see my hubby on a Sunday Morning. We've probably had 50 in the last 20 years. It's really awesome to do normal things with him.

I got to see some friends- Zonker and Denny. It's interesting that I have friends that I met on the Internet. One of my friends met several people that way, and most ended badly, so I had my mind set that I would not follow her footsteps. To my surprise, the great majority of people I have met through the net, and in subsequently in person, have been awesome. So it's nice to see those guys again.

I met some new friends, 2 sisters and three sons. What nice people there are. Sorry if i hogged the conversation.

Pete, Re-Pete, Bones, Ringo, and Mr T. sat at a separate table. They had a great time. A little loud here and there, but we're talking kids here. No food fights, no weird body noises. The "Adults" had their share of noise. We got loud, too. I noticed a table of 4- a man, maybe his wife, two boys. They said maybe three words to each other the entire time they were there. One boy had some sort of handheld game. He played nonstop, only stopping to take a bite.
I wonder- were they antisocial? Had there been a death?
Here we were a gregarious bunch, and yet they sat there so silent. Sad, that.


zonker said...

It was great to see you folks, too! I'm already looking forward to the next mini-meet.

Bou said...

You didn't hog any conversation. You were wonderful!

You know... there are families that are just like that. I see families go out to eat all the time where they allow their kids to play Gameboys AT THE TABLE! And then last month, we saw a family break out a newspaper at dinner... in a restaurant. I don't get it...

Bou said...

Oh, btw, your orangutan story? Yeah, it was a bit of foreshadowing for our day at the zoo. I just posted on it. I couldn't quit thinking of your story.