Monday, July 16, 2007

Happy Blogiversary to me, A Day Late

Happy Blogiversary to HofUK. It's been a year that I've been doing this, I think. I didn't have any goals in mind- other than try not to sound like a whiny butt. My dear husband has been into computers for many, many, many years (sigh). Some days I throw my hands up and just say, "I can't compete with your computer!" When I started reading on the 'net, I really didn't want to get too involved. I have a friend who did that and only bad things have come from it.

I've met some really fine folks doing this, some funny, some endearing, some a little creepy, some just piss me off. Some of your gross me out, but I can't wait to see what you come up with next. (When Dick says don't click, you really should take his advice) But for everyone of you guys and gals I've met, I bet there are a dozen I would like to meet.

I thought that my blog would be anonymous, but I'm delighted to say that I've made some really good friends-you know who you are. I've enjoyed having you here, meeting you for a festival, or having dinner elsewhere. Can't wait for Helen this year.

I'm pleased as punch that 20 odd people a day come visit me. I remember lamenting the fact that only 3 or 4 people visited a day.


Chickie Carmarthen said...

Happy blogversary darlin', it was mah pleasure to meet you last year - I only wish I could make it down again this year. I'm not saying never but it's highly doubtful.

Anonymous said...

... congratulations!....


Richard said...

Happy Blogiversary. Damn, doesn't seem liek it's been that long.

Erica said...

Happy a few days late blogiversary, HOFUK (I *love* that), and yes, excellent advice, never, EVER click on anything Dick tells you to.

He's a sick fucker, but such a nice guy, I just couldn't believe it.

Hopefully I get to meet youse at Helen come October. Dat should be soopah-sweet!