Sunday, July 15, 2007

A story for you

Once upon a time, there lived a goodwoman with her Goodman and Goodchild. Goodman was very, uh, good with his computer, having taught himself the internal ways. But he was very covetous of his computer and would only allow certain people to do certainthings on it. Goodwoman had very little to do with this gadget, having not been infected by a computer virus yet. Goodchild was a natural prodigy, and loved to use his Goodfather's computer whenever he had a chance. But there were things he knew not to do- Turning It Off being of paramount importance.
One fine evening Goodman came home from a hard day of wrestling waffles to find that, indeed, the computer had been Turned Off.
and finally, Blame! was laid first at Goodson's feet. But He denied, denied, denied. He had not been near the gadget.
Goodmother, then? Nay, sayeth she. She knew touching the fickle beast was dangerous and might cause Blue Screens to appear and odd noises to be heard and smoke to be issued.

Then, cried Goodman, the only other explanation-
Someone must have broke into his Goodhome (in the broadest of Daylight!) and Turned Off The Computer! Villains all! (but leave everything else)

The End

Forgive me, Goodman, for the re-telling of such a sordid event...


Anonymous said...

.... spoooooky....


Chickie Carmarthen said...

Freaky - maybe it was a squirrel who did it.

Holder said...

and what's really funny is everytime Goodman can't find something I say, "Hey, I know what happened to it, someone broke in the house and took it!" and then run like Hell.

Richard said...

Bite Me.

Holder said...

okay, do I get to choose the spot?

KurtP said...

That kinda sounds like my house. "Who
did (broke,took) whaterver?"
'Not me'
'I dunno'
'Did what?'