Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Damn Dog, or what $250 buys these days

Our dog, Riley, is a good boy. 90% of the time. Then he's a pain in the ass, or the face, if he bites you. He does not like you messing with your his skin or claws or ears.

Today he went to the vet. We muzzled him and he got it off in about 15 seconds. I asked them to sedate him for everyone's safety. They had to hold him with the pole and lasso thingy while all the while he was growling, yipping and squealing. Poor baby was so freaked out he "expressed his anal gland". Damn.

Ever smelt that?

Farookin' NasTeee!

They finally got him sedated. There he sat with his hind legs demurely tucked to the side, as he tracked his head side to side, side to side, side to side. His front paws slowly slide outwards until he had done the splits and he lay slack-jawed and slobbering.

6 or 7 shots later, a good ear reaming and tooth cleaning, and the completion of the "anal expression" (so nasty!!) plus flea meds, nail trimming and a worming. Plus a shower to clean off that nasty brown shit that came out of his ass! He got the works folks!

Right now he sits besides, looking slightly hungover, but satiated on Sonic french fries.


david hayes said...

Who isn't satiated by Sonic french fries?

regina kimm said...

I loved that dog.