Monday, October 08, 2007

A radical idea

I was thinking about Jesus the other day. No, stay with me, I'm not religious.
I don't remember a lot of my history, but here's what I remember, correct me if I'm wrong

He main idea was this-

All people are valuable and lovable and worthy of consideration.

Imagine how radical that was at the time. There were two kinds of people. The Pharaohs and the slaves. Slaves were worthless and and the Pharaohs gave their well-being not an ounce of thought. Hell, these guys married their family and thought of children as small adults. Not much of a sense of sense of humanity.

and here was Jesus saying, "Treat others nicely" and "take care of your family" and "you deserve to be loved and respected"

No wonder he was killed.

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Erica said...

From what I understand, that's why peeps back in the day had the [I can't spell it] "ixsmyth" on their houses, the little fishie drawing that has come to symbolize Christianity, because it was something so simple that a child could draw it, and back when the earliest forms of Christianity were considered radical, peeps who had that on their houses were considered a "safe house," almost like the symbol when the Israelites smeared the blood of a pascal lamb on their door posts, so God would know to send the plague past their homes, and would know to smote only the Egyptians.

...speaking of being a Holder of Useless Knowledge.


I don't think I left a comment on a single blog last night, I was so tired, so yours was the first one I read today, so I'm leaving all these long-assed comments. Heh...sorry. You're probably wondering, WTF?