Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dinner with friends

Michelle, of A Different World, came over for dinner last night. We've both had a Jones for a hot bowl of French onion soup. And I love to cook, so there you go. I used this recipe and damn! was it good. My darling husband did not have his Jones on, so we gave his share to Riley, who licked the bowl clean. I also made roasted red potatoes with basil and oregano salt, and pork loin kabobs that had been rubbed with a Provencal seasoning. Alas, no pictures. Maybe next time.


Erica said...

Dang, *why* must you live so far away? Granted, I would have skipped the pig loins, but I sure as heck wouldn't have let Riley lick my bowl clean, as I'd be quite adept at doing it myself.

Michelle said...

Thanks to you Mam, for wonderful food and company! You & Miles spoil me, I may never cook again.