Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mama Llama or Dali Lama?

Re-Pete has this thing about Llamas. She likes to draw them. She calls this one her "Happy Mama Llama". The black circles are holes in the paper, not a butt hole, although, now that I look at it.... and it has six legs, making it an insect of sorts... maybe.... or something.
Anyway, Mama Llama is really happy, looks like she just ate a smurf.


Erica said...

Please tell re-Pete that I think her Mathterpiethe ith Magnifithent! And if you've never eaten a smurf, you should try it sometimes...they're delicious, and taste like boysenberry.

Joan of Argghh! said...

So wonderful to see the creative Light even in the tiniest hands.

You should post their YouTube video here as well. I loved it!

Mrs. Who said...

Re-Pete must love the 'Is Your Mama a Llama' story.