Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I've decided it's time Riley stops being so paranoid. After Re-Pete was born all it took to get Riley having a conniption fit (is that spelled right?) was to let someone walk by our house. Sometimes we'd drag him away from the windows. Now I know some of you are seeing "Well, beat the shit out of him and he'll stop." We tried that. Didn't work. I made him come sit beside me, I'd banish him to him bed, still didn't work.
Taking him on walks finally did it. Not all the way, but he's better.
When we first started walking I spent a lot of time stopping and getting him under control, but that's gotten better too. I think he's part Cocker Spaniel, and someone told me they like to track scents, which he certainly does.
We have one of those retractable leashes so he can roam a bit on the walk, but I can still get him to my side in a hurry. He's much better and doesn't go ape shit anymore when he sees another dog, or Heaven help us, a cat.

So imagine my surprise last night. Walking with him, my friend calls, we're chatting (which is why I couldn't get video of this), and we walk up to a huge black and grey striped cat. I'm thinking, Oh hell, what now? The cat's sitting there very calmly. So Riley sniffs the face and ears, then the tummy. Cat stands up, turns around to let Riley sniff the butt, then lays down on its back with legs splayed open. Riley realizes what is is and walks away as if to say, "Oh, it's only a cat, I've got those at home."
No violence, no one was hurt, and Riley made a friend 'cuz the damn thing followed us awhile.

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Catfish said...

I have owned four Cockers, they are very nice and cute, but dumb as a brick. I wish you and the hubby good luck with him.