Tuesday, December 25, 2007

It's all in the Touch!

A couple of years ago, the Hubby got me an Ipod Shuffle (The greatest present EVA, I tell ya!). It has been a faithful companion. Hours and hours of listening fun. And it still works. Mostly. It stops playing sometimes, and I have to reset it every few times I use it, but hey- it still does Exactly What I Want 15 times out of 16. I'm keeping it for my walks, too.

This year, my husband got my an iTouch.

I could put about 6 hours of music on my Shuffle, on the iTouch I get 5 days of music!!
and pictures and video. Life is sweet.


Erica said...

Mazel tov, and Merry Christmas to all of youse in the Holder-Shadowscope household.

supergurl said...

psa: this is an authentic supergurl comment.

hey, late but high tidings of merriment. hope your fam time has been fantastic, thank that kiddo for me when you hug him next. and we need to catch up sooner than later. i'm off for a week, a whole week, well, it's half over but still a long time. be well. it's nice to be gifted just what we need from the one that knows us & loves us best. good job, ricardo! y'all be good.