Thursday, December 13, 2007

Things I learned whilst baking Cookies

Food Network (cue the choir) has a thing called the 12 Days of Cookies. You get an email every so often for a new recipe. Day Two was Florentines. They are made of almonds and sugar and butter and you can even drizzle some chocolate on top. What's not to love, right?

Here are a few things I learned:

1. When the recipes says finely chopped, they mean it.
2. Don't look at the cookies while they are cooking too much- it looks like little splats of dog vomit.
3. Tangerine zest isn't the same as orange zest, no matter how much I want it.
4. Uniformly golden brown doesn't exist. You go from a pale center to burnt in two eye blinks.
5. My children will find a way to be in the most inconvenient location at the most inconvenient time.
6. Stuck on wax paper adds a little extra something to the taste of the cookie.
7. The batch does not make 36 cookies.
8. Parchment paper and wax paper are NOT the same.
9. Wax paper smokes at 350 degrees.
10. The smoke alarm hurts my dog's ears.

This weekend: gingerbread houses, cuz I'm not insane enough....


Michelle said...

Where is the video?

Mrs. Who said...

LOL!! Now you need Christmas trees for your gingerbread houses. Put a little bit of green food dye in white icing, twirl an ice-cream cone (the real cone shaped ones) in the icing, and the stand on its round end and decorate with little candies, licorice string for garland, etc.

It's real fun when the green icing dries on my students' clothes and the parents get pissed off. Oh, well, they should have taught their kids to be neater. And not send them to school in 'special' clothes for heaven's sake. Or else send an apron or t-shirt with them. Heh.