Saturday, January 12, 2008

The 1st time

I love hearing how couples 1st meet. My inlaws went to high school together in Roswell.THey've been married 40 something years. My parents met at a dance. Daddy was in the service, dating my mothers friend Carol. Daddy asked my mom to dance, convinced she was wearing falsies. That was on a Friday night. They were engaged by Sunday and married for 35 years. I met my husband through a guy I was dating at the time. I took one look at his butt and said, "Damn, I just have to talk to that guy." Within two weeks we were living together, and having been for over twenty years now. Half my life. I am amazed when I think of that.
Sooooo, if you have an Significant Other, tell your story of how you two met in the comments.

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Mrs. Who said...

My hubby and I met on the internet. Seriously. Through a Catholic singles site. We emailed for months before getting up the courage to make phone calls. We'll be married eight years this March.